Data Protection Policy

The North London U3A (NLU3A) collects and stores personal contact data about its members.
NLU3A uses this data to communicate to its members and to allow members to contact each other for U3A purposes. Contact information for key members of NLU3A may also be put on to the NLU3A’s website. Data is also shared with the National U3A office for the distribution of information to members.
At any time you can request NLU3A remove some or all of your contact information by contacting the membership secretary, (
If and when online payments are used by NLU3A, the collection of payment information such as credit or debit card number and other account information is carried out by an independent payment system. NLU3A does not have access to this data.
Data protection measures are taken to ensure the safe and secure storage of data to protect it from unauthorised access.

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