Under this heading you will find several submenus in the black menu bar which you can access directly if you wish:

UPCOMING EVENTS. Here we list U3A events as they are announced with the latest announcements on top. To see all U3A events in date order of their taking place see the CALENDAR OF EVENTS.

EVENTS CALENDAR is just that, a calendar showing month by month what is coming up – meetings, outings and events other than those that are limited to members in specific Interest Groups. Here you will find entries for out Monthly Meetings, AwayDays, National Events, etc. Click on the date for more information in a drop-down window. This window will usually include Contact information where appropriate and location. There may be a link to a website or other page.

PAST EVENTS: Various accounts of activities and lectures, etc. which have been attended by North London U3A members. Reports may be written by one of this term’s voluntary reporters, Shelly Meehan and Roz Underwood, or submitted by any member.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR: Notices and Information that may be of interest to North London U3A members but are not directly sponsored by it. These include the many requests we receive for help in research projects. These items have been supplied by U3A members or requested by outside organisations. They are listed as they are received with the most recent items on top. Older and out-of-date items will be removed.



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