History – A Sideways Look 2

Contact: Peter Cox - 8883 6952 - coxpetern@gmail.com
Day & Times: Wednesday  Afternoon  2.00 - 3.30
Frequency & Venue: Fortnightly at Methodist Church, Pages Lane, Muswell Hill, N10 1PP

So successful had the long-running Sideways Look at History been, that in 2016 a second group was formed, looking at every aspect of history all over the globe c 1500 AD.  A particular feature of its first year was a term looking at various forms of international trade and its surprisingly powerful impact on politics and alliances between nations, the papacy and city states.  In 2019/20  we shall be examining the period  between 1901-1945.  Think you know little about it?  Come along and find out how much there is to discover.


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