Modern and Contemporary Literature

Contact: Ann Bracken - 3489 9366 -
Day & Times: Friday  Morning  10.30 - 12.00
Frequency & Venue: Fortnightly at Finchley Progressive Synagogue, Hutton Grove, Finchley, N12 8DR

This group will explore the poetry of T.S.Eliot and some work by his fellow Americans (eg Stevens, Lowell, Pound, Bishop) much of which Faber and Faber published in the UK.  The initial programme will be proposed by a small co-operative of members who have been working together but, when the group is established, suggestions of texts to be studied will be encouraged by all participants.  Access to email and the internet is essential for good communication and printing out of some poems.  New members will be welcomed.  Also, contact Keith Richards :    Preferred contact by email please for more information.

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