Weaving Words

Contact: Adrienne Baker - 8340 5970 - adriennebaker79@gmail.com
Day & Times: Monday  Afternoon  2:00 - 4:00
Frequency & Venue: Weekly at Highgate, N6

‘It’s Monday, ten to two, the doorbell rings and ten keen writers arrive at my home, make themselves coffee and settle around the table.  Each week there’s a theme we’ve thought about or a way of capturing in words something observed or thought or even dreamed.  The writing may be autobiographical or factual or purely imaginative.

Weaving Words 640Writing: a love-hate relationship?  It’s always daunting, yet when we sit with pen and paper or in front of the screen, the images and people begin to emerge, the mini stories of a moment in time come alive.  The group is a place to experiment with words and ideas and we’re also an audience – constructively critical and appreciative – to hear what’s been written week by week in class and at home.   We start on Monday 15th October

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