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This site aims to comply with all copyright law and attribute rights correctly. Please report any item which you believe might infringe this principle and the matter will receive urgent attention.  The submission of any materials, writing, illustrations or photographs is deemed to be an offer for publishing on the website without fee. Such submissions will always be gratefully credited to the creator who retains the copyright.


This site has been created using the ‘TwentyTen’ theme in WordPress. A ‘child’ of this theme was developed by web developer Felicia to facilitate usage by U3A. In particular she is responsible for the structure which allows such clear presentation and searching of the Interest Groups section. Felicia can be reached at

Implementation of the content was done by Richard Callanan.

The occasional ink drawings on the website (see banner above) are used by permission of Amalgamated Biscuit’,


Many of the photographs throughout the site were taken by U3A members, Barry Davies, James Crawford  and Richard Callanan, amongst them. Credits for particular photographs may be seen by hovering the mouse over them. Some photographs lack these credits as they were inherited from the earlier website. The Website Manager would welcome information to correct this.  The website also uses, with acknowledgement, photographs which are declared to be free to use for educational purposes, such as those in Wikimedia Commons.  The website needs continuous submission of photographs, particularly those showing members enjoying particular U3A activities.

Please let the Website Manager know of any website problems or errors. Suggestions also welcome.

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