In our July monthly email we put the wrong links for details of both the university memory research projects. We think the following are correct!

The King’s College project. The researchers want to find out whether we can improve some of the visual aspects of episodic memory by applying gentle electrical stimulation to the scalp over the brain area we are interested in.   The research involves two sessions at Guy’s Hospital, one involving viewing a scene with a head camera and answering autobiographical questions and the other mild non invasive stimulation of the scalp. If you are interested in taking part in this please email our team at

(Please not that members who have participated in this report that involves two fairly long half day session on successive days, and fairly intensive investigation of cognition. It is interesting, but involves a big commitment.)

The University College project. The research consists of an online survey that will ask you a series of questions about your difficulties with your memory and/or attention, your mood, your satisfaction with life and various other psychological factors.  The results should help in testing newer forms of talking therapy. It is being run by M.Sc. student Elnaz Gultekin
You can see more details at

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