Newsletters are published 3 times a year. They carry items of news, reports on past events or group activities, announcements of upcoming events and a variety of articles  that might be of interest to members. Three Updates (previously called Bulletins) are published at intervals between the Newsletters – they are intended to keep members up to date with changes and new developments. From October 2015 the Updates simply contain information which has been published via the website and e-mail, and is aimed at those with no access to email.

Select an issue from the list to open it in PDF format.  On many modern browsers this will open automatically. You can choose the scale at which to view it, and use keyboard keys to navigate.  Otherwise…

PDF format requires Adobe Reader which most computers already have installed. It is downloadable free. They can be printed by hovering your mouse over the bottom of the page where you will then see a menu like this

Menu bar for PDF files offering you the print and other options.

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