The programme for the term is below.

19 September: Talk, Introduction to the Shape of London, Wilson Briscoe

26 September: Walk, Whitehall, meet 10.30 Westminster Station ticket hall meeting point, Keith Kirby

3 October: Talk, London Today Keith Kirby

10 October: Talk, Smithfield and its area, Alison Watson

17 October: Walk, Smithfield and its area Alison Watson

24 October: Talk, Modernism and Brutalist Architecture, Mary Forsling

31 October: Talk, Maps of London, Michael Burman

7 November: Talk, Kings Cross, Mary Fraser

14 November: Walk, Kings Cross, Mary Fraser

21 November: Talk, London Town Halls, Dorothy Barnes

28 November: Talk, The Port of London and its future and Thames Bridges, Veronica Hearn

5 December: Open session for short presentations by members on favourite Small London Museums.

Other news:

Open House in London is this weekend, 16-17 September.

Thames Discovery Programme are hosting a Remembering the Thames Tea Party 10th October 2pm – 4pm.


19th September. London the unique city, Wilson Briscoe

19th September. London the unique city, Wilson Briscoe fear of flats

23rd Sept, Keith Kirby. Whitehall Walk

30th Sept, Keith Kirby. London Today

10th October, Alison Watson, smithfield talk

24th October , Mary Forsling, Modernism and Brutalist Architecture copy

1st November, Michael BurmanLONDON IN MAPS p1-4

1st November, Michael BurmanLONDON IN MAPS p5

1st November, Michael BurmanLONDON IN MAPS p6-9

7th,14th Novenber Mary Fraser Kings Cross Central

1st November Dorothy Barnes London Town Halls

Illustrations to  town halls talk

5th December  Mary Fraser, Garden Museum 20171205 Garden Museum

5th December Sylvia Adler, Ben Uri Gallery 20171205 Ben Uri Gallery

5th December  John Seargeant, Keats house   20171205 KEATS¹ HOUSE

5th December Alison Watson, Bruce Castle  website  –

5th December Gefrye Museum website link –

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