SHOWCASE December 2014

Here we have a selection of work from our members – poems, stories, drawings, photographs, craft items, etc.

(All items are copyright of the creators and used here with permission.)

The items in this (December 2014) selection can be viewed by scrolling down this page. There are items from each of the following groups:

  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Textile Art
  • Knitting for Charity
Terry Stoten

Terry Stoten



by Janet Kirsch

Freedom comes in different ways,
The prisoner in his cell
Counting off the long, long days,
At home will all be well?

Freedom to stand up and speak your mind,
Is Speaker’s Corner still there?
To be outspoken to be unkind
On matters for which you care.

Freedom of the City of London
Given to an illustrious few.
You can drive your sheep over London Bridge,
Well at least you can enjoy the view!

Freedom to practice the faith of your choice,
Do you believe what you learned while at home?
Have you, now adult found your own voice?
To choose your belief on your own?

Freedom from slavery, it’s supposed to be gone,
But factory owners have power,
In the west we’re to blame, we want our cheap clothes,
So children get pennies per hour!

In many countries life is not fair,
People have struggled for years.
Freedom is precious, handle with care.
Then hope will overcome fear.


If I could fly

If I could fly on gossamer wings
Would I see a world of wonderful things
Or view the world from a higher place
And see its beauty with a different face
Look down below me where people fight
Each one believing that their way is right.

From high up there I would see the earth
And know that humans don’t value its worth
The clouds, the sun, the stars and I’d wonder
Why it is that we know only to plunder.
I’d see lakes, rivers, mountains and seas,
Farmlands, deserts, the birds in the trees
Animals, flowers and my soul would bleed
‘Cause all we know on earth is greed.

Our planet’s abundant with all that we want
Yet to feed the poor that we just can’t.
I don’t really want to fly to Mars
Or to roam around amongst the stars
Nor Comet to know how the earth began
Rather clean water for third world man.

There are those good souls whom we call green
But they’re so few and far between
My heart would lift as I float through the air
But I’d look down and crash with despair.
What negative thoughts I’m having today,
Just fly through the air and put them away.

Rita Bleiman      Nov. 2014


Ann Dugdale - Textile Art

Ann Dugdale – Textile Art


Knitting for Charity

Knitting for Charity


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