UCL Hearing Research April 2017

EXTERNAL: UCL Hearing Research April 2017

We are looking for 50 volunteers for the second part of our research project in which we investigate the impact of ageing on speech communication in good and difficult listening conditions.  In this study, the task is to listen to English sentences played in background noise (via headphones) and repeat back what you heard. We will also do a quick hearing test. We pay £5 for your participation and for your travel costs.You can take part if you are/have:

  • Between 65 and 85 years of age.
  • Monolingual (learned only English at home as a child) Southern British English speaker.
  • Normal hearing or have mild age-related hearing loss (with/without hearing aids, but please see below). We will assess this during the study session.
  • Able to visit us once for 45 minutes between April 10th and May 12th

Unfortunately, you cannot take part if you:

  • Acquired multiple languages at home when child.
  • Speak ‘other Englishes’ such as American, Australian, Scottish, Irish…
  • Have previously taken part in the first part of this study (2016-2017).
  • Use hearing aids on every-day basis (occasional use, such as in theatre, social events etc, is fine but please note that because the study requires you to wear headphones, it cannot be conducted with hearing aids on).

For details, and to apply contact Dr Outi Tuomainen o.tuomainen@ucl.ac.uk

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