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NLU3A Committee

We have a committee of up to 12 voluntary members. They are elected by the members at our Annual General Meeting to serve for 3 years. The Officers, who are appointed by the committee after the AGM, are Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Every year, some committee members retire from the committee having completed their 3 years, so we have a continuing need for new committee members and are happy to invite any member who might consider joining the committee to come and observe at one or more meetings, to get an idea of what committee membership entails. Committee Meetings are held monthly except July and December (with additional meetings where needed) and are minuted.

Chair Edmond Cohen
ViceChair and Minutes Secretary Ann Dugdale
Business Secretary Michael Johns
Treasurer Roy Seger
Membership Secretary Ruth Silver
Groups Organiser Henrietta Cohen
Events Organiser Marion Fitzpatrick
Committee Member Gill Caplin

If a member wants to see a copy of a particular set of minutes, they can do so by asking the Minutes Secretary by email and saying which meeting or topic they wish to see.

Group Organiser Team

Groups Organiser Henrietta Cohen
New Groups Candiss Waldram
Venues organiser Ruth Newman



Website Manager Mike Christie
Editor, The Northern Line
Leni Green
Email Editor Michael Johns


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