Come and join us at our friendly, monthly Scrabble session which is held at Lis’ home.

Who Do You Think You Are?


Following the release of the 1921 and 1939 censuses, Peter Cox revived the Who Do You Think You Are? group which he ran a few years ago. This is now combined with the Ancestry group which was run by Candiss Waldram. The aim is to help people who want to either start or continue family and local history research, with the help of Peter’s subscriptions to the Ancestry and FindMyPast family history websites.

If you’re interested, please contact Peter at

Meetings will be as a group on zoom, monthly on Mondays at 2.30pm, or one-to-ones with new starters, and as the need arises he will be taking a carload to the National Archive.

Armchair Critics

We talk about anything in the arts which has been of particular interest to us. This could be theatre, film, opera, music, exhibitions or even books. The idea is that everyone is able to have their say, leading to lively discussions.


Italian – brush up your Italian

Have you studied Italian for a few years? Do you need a chance to use it before you lose it? We are a relaxed and informal group conversing at a fairly simple level, with the aim of becoming more confident and fluent over time.

Women Now


Come and join a group of women who meet and have lively discussions about issues that women face today. It is serious and relevant and can be fun! We meet on alternate Mondays at 2.30-4.30 in Woodside Park – and it is good to talk! Contact Cheryl as shown above – looking forward to seeing you.