Feeling the itch for a new adventure?

Nestled within the stunning Fortis Green covered reservoir in East Finchley, we’re offering you the chance to get some expert coaching with equipment assessed for your own individual requirements so you can dive straight into a sport which you might never have previously considered.

Venue:  the Aquarius Archery Club, Fortis Green Covered Reservoir, Southern Road, N2 9LH
Tube  :  East Finchley
Buses:  102, 143, 234, 263
Car    :  Parking on site, free on road parking after 1pm
Cost  :   £10

For full information, including about tuition, how to book and the correct clothing please contact Denise at

Creative Writing Group


The Creative Writing Group is a small group that meets over Zoom once every two weeks. We always start with a writing exercise on the spot, and after that we read and discuss the short pieces that we’ve each written since the previous meeting. At the end of the meeting we choose a prompt to inspire people’s writing for the next time, although if someone has an ongoing piece of work, we’re not too strict about following the prompts. Since we need time to read everyone’s pieces, the group necessarily has to stay fairly small.

Games Group (Triominoes, Qwirkle & Rummikub – and many more!)


We meet on alternate Wednesdays to play Triominoes, Qwirkle, Backgammon, Rummikub, or any other game our members want to introduce us to. If you have never played, or maybe not even heard of these games, come and give them a try; we will give you some coaching! Contact Mary as shown above.

Chess Club


We meet twice monthly, normally on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month during term time, in the afternoon at the Blue Beetle in N3. We are happy to welcome new members who will normally  be familiar with the rules of the game, but we are willing to teach complete beginners who are keen to learn. As well as playing friendly games with those of similar ability, you can also receive guidance from stronger players. Our players range in playing strength from beginner/novice through hobby player up to club team player. For more information please contact the coordinator, David Lewis, as shown above.


Portrait Studio

Suitable for those with some experience to very advanced. It is tutored by Michael, a very experienced teacher. A termly fee is payable for the model. We combine serious study with fun!

New Members:  there are occasional spaces – contact Michael as above.