Beneath our feet: the geology of London

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Monday, 15 April 2024
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

St Margaret's United Reform Church
Victoria Avenue
N3 1BD


We rarely stop to think about the rocks beneath the places where we live and walk, but the science of geology can tell fascinating stories about them – from the ancient environments that formed those rocks, to the reasons for current problems like subsidence. In this talk, geologist Diana Clements takes us underground to witness the geology of our local area of Finchley and Muswell Hill, and also the wider London region.

Diana is a scientific associate at the Natural History Museum and a former Honorary General Secretary of the Geologists Association. Her special interest is in the geology of the London area, and she was editor of the recent book The Geology of London. Diana is also involved with the London Geodiversity Partnership, which has identified about 70 sites in the London area where the underlying geology can either be seen or inferred from clues in the landscape.

Image: Coldfall Wood (2007). The deep valley at the bottom was formed by a raging torrent of melting ice as the Anglian ice sheet retreated c.400,000 years ago.
Photo: Diana Clements