Far Away Days

These are coach outings venturing outside London itself (the province of ‘Away Days’) to enjoy visiting and learning about places of interest such as country houses, gardens in the summer, picturesque towns and villages, and places of historic interest (such as Chartwell).  The outings last a whole day, picking up at East Finchley tube station and getting home by 6.00 – 7.00. There are up to three visits per term.

We are delighted that three members have come forward to help (Judy Griggs, Anona Ranmuthu and Gillian Doyle) so the future of Far Away Days is assured once travel and mixing are possible again. The future of NLU3A depends on all the help members can give with activities.  Thank you to everyone who has kept us going through difficult times or who is looking to the future. 

Far Away Days are open to ALL members. You need not register to be in a group. Just choose an outing that interests you and apply.  You’ll need to pay in advance for coach travel and admission charges to secure a place. Any bookings received before the “booking opens” date will be held without processing until that date. Should there be more than the capacity of the outing, a ballot will be held to select those who have been successful. This is intended to give all members a fair chance to apply whether they use the internet or not. 

They will be advertised here, in The Northern Line magazine, and in the monthly news email.


Ightam Mote

Ightham Mote


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Date/Time Event
Tue 26 Apr 2022
10:00 AM
RHS Hyde Hall
RHS Hyde Hall, Chelmsford