We meet twice monthly, on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, in the afternoon at the Blue Beetle in N3. We are happy to welcome new members; please contact David Lewis as shown above.

Women talk women

A group for women to talk about historical and contemporary women who members find interesting, and would like to know more about. Individual members will suggest women to discuss and the group will find out about them and bring their thoughts and opinions to share. We will talk about women who have achieved something significant, or have been active in society, or have been famous, or have done something we find of interest. Some of the discussions will focus on topics/issues that particularly affect women in our society and the impact this can have on their lives.



Have you been promising yourself to research into your family history, or to try to fill in the gaps that you were never able to get answers to in the past? Come and join Ancestry – some of us have been doing this for years, some dip in and out, and others are just cautiously starting out. We meet once a month on a Monday morning, not too early, and of course on Zoom.

New members are warmly welcomed.


Experienced practitioner, Asha Phillips, will guide and introduce us to the many benefits of mindfulness to physical and mental well being. Shared techniques can reduce pain, anxiety and stress, enabling us to live more fully in the moment and build our sense of resilience, compassion and gratitude.

The group will be staying on zoom.