Art – Anyone can Draw ?

Contact: Judith McGirr - 0208 888 7463 -
Day & Times: Monday  Morning  10.00am - 12.30
Frequency & Venue: Weekly at Cranley Dene (rear entrance), 152 Muswell Hill Road, N10 3JH.

This class is suitable for those who want to continue their drawing/painting techniques and those who think they can’t draw but would like to try.  It will help you to improve your drawing and observation skills by experimenting with various techniques in a variety of media.  You will start by working through the basic elements – line, tone, form, texture and pattern by experimenting with a variety of media – pencil, chalk, charcoal and conte, pen, ink/wash, soft pastels, oil pastels and water based paints (poster/gouache).

You will now have the skills to create and develop your own ideas in future classes.  Please contact Judith re the list of materials needed and where one can buy them at a reasonable cost.