Computer Buddy Scheme

Contact: Carl Rose - 07968 400314 -
Day & Times: Variable  Variable  by arrangement between participants -
Frequency & Venue: As arranged, usually at Learners' Homes

This group is a scheme to help those who have started using computers but don’t feel confident enough to do so on their own. The idea is to pair a North London U3A member who feels at home using a computer with someone who is not totally confident or comfortable with their computing skills.  A Buddy will partner a Learner and spend some time with them, one-to-one, on the learner’s computer and (probably but not necessarily) in the learner’s home.  The coordinators will keep a register of Buddies (volunteers willing to help) and Learners (those who need support).  They will try to make a match between the two so they can then get together and arrange a suitable time and place for their meetings.  The basic module will be five sessions of one and a half hours each.  The topics covered will be basic: access to the internet, use of email and attachments, elementary word processing, and organisation of files and mail.  It is not suitable for absolute beginners.

If you would like to be a learner please contact Carl Rose on or 07968 400314 or Frank Fisher on or 020 8349 9586.

We also have an urgent need for people to act as buddies.  You don’t need any special skills in computing, only a willingness to pass on the things you do know.  If you are able to help, please get in touch with either Carl or Frank. 

The amount of commitment in time spent isn’t huge.

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