History – A Sideways Look

Contact: Michael Johns - 0208 883 5446 - m.johns@blueyonder.co.uk
Day & Times: Friday  Afternoon  2:00 - 3:30
Frequency & Venue: Fortnightly at Zoom


This group looks ‘Sideways’ at history. We choose a particular period and examine what was happening at that period worldwide. None of us are experts; we share a curiosity about the past throughout the world. All group members participate in discussions and share the responsibility of researching/presenting topics of their choice.

From September 2023 we will be covering the period around 1650 which will give us the opportunity of looking at the civil war in England, Scotland and Ireland, the Netherlands’ Golden Age, the Thirty Years War, the siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Turks, the Safavid empire in Persia (which built the wonderful city of Isfahan), Caribbean pirates, the early transatlantic slave trade, the end of the Ming empire in China, the scientific revolution and much besides.

Michael Johns leads the group. We present papers on email and meet for discussion on zoom, to enable members with travel or mobility problems to participate. From time to time we meet in person for a social lunch.

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Michael Johns