History Without Borders*

Contact: Christine Barnard - 8888 3925 - christinebarnard99@gmail.com
Day & Times: Wednesday  Afternoon  2.00 - 3.30
Frequency & Venue: Fortnightly at Zoom


*Formerly A Sideways Look at History II
An eclectic approach to history, exploring its byways rather than highways

Topics are chosen by group members depending on their personal interests. These may stray to far-flung parts of the world; subjects as diverse as clothing, food, marriage practices, women’s rights or sign language; interesting people (not just the rich and famous); broad topics like trade, industrial change,  money and banking, travel and exploration. Presentations can be full or half-session or split across two sessions, always with time for discussion.

A study period for the year is chosen by the group. In 2023-24 we’re looking at the 1st – 5th centuries CE. This year’s topics include Britain under – and after – the Romans, also Roman homes and food; the Anglo-Saxon ‘invasion’ (it wasn’t really); Barbarians beyond the imperial frontier; Ostrogoth king Theodoric the Great; Christian persecution of pagans; the Han dynasty of China, controversial emperor Wang Mang, and Chinese inventions; the Hopewell culture of North America; Ethiopia; the Nabateans; the qanat system around Ctesiphon under the Sassanids.

Its up to individuals whether they produce a typed text, but if they do, it is circulated by email after the session. Presentations are also recorded and available on Google Drive.

Zoom has proved a very sociable medium and excellent for visual materials, which is why we continue online. Technical help is available if required. We also meet up at least once a term for afternoon tea or lunch. New members are assured a friendly welcome.