Contact: Martin Goldman - -
Day & Times: Thursday  Morning  10:00 - 11:30
Frequency & Venue: Fortnightly at ON EMAIL AND ZOOM and 'On Location'

The North London U3A photographers’ group is one for those keen on and interested in photography and wanting to improve their technique. It is a mutual self help group, with members able to pass on their experiences. It is not a taught course, but more experienced members often talk about things that will interest other members, in an informal setting.

We meet about twice each month at the moment. On the second Thursday of the month there is a Zoom meeting for 90 minutes starting at 10.00 where photographs are shared typically on a pre-decided theme, or relating to somewhere we have been as a group to take photographs, When we do go out, which is typically on the fourth Thursday of each month (but currently there is flexibility in this) we would visit somewhere of photographic potential, and typically somewhere within the Freedom pass area, with a cafe and access to facilities.

The range of skill and experience in the group is very wide – there is no minimum or maximum. All that is needed is an interest in the subject and to become involved in the meetings. Members attend when they are able and there is no maximum size to the group. We currently welcome additional members to the group.

You should have your own digital camera (but we can advise if you want to change), and should be familiar with using Zoom for meetings. The meetings will also cover topics relating to photo editing, and ideally you should have some idea of what is involved in this.