Armchair Critics

We talk about anything in the arts which has been of particular interest to us. This could be theatre, film, opera, music, exhibitions or even books. The idea is that everyone is able to have their say, leading to lively discussions.


Poetry Appreciation

We read and discuss poems by both established poets and members of the group.  Each session will be focussed on a specific theme or poet.   Those members who enjoy writing poetry are encouraged to share their poems with the group.  We are not judgmental but will discuss the poem and give constructive feedback, if this is requested.  The main aim of the group is to read and enjoy poetry of all kinds and to compare our personal responses in an informal way.

Reading Classic Novels

Concentrating on classic novels in English, the choice of one book each month will be decided by members. Refreshments will be provided at 2pm, with time for a chat before discussion of the book.  We meet 1st Wednesday of each month




Reading in Translation

Reading in Translation

We are a small friendly group who enjoy reading about other countries and cultures. The books are chosen by the group.

Tea and a chat START us off.


Reading Non-Fiction


Our reading over a number of years has covered many types of book – memoir, nature studies, adventure, and diverse histories and contemporary commentaries on social, cultural and scientific topics. It’s safe to say we have learned a lot and often surprised ourselves by how much we enjoyed many we weren’t initially too sure about! We welcome all suggestions and compile our list together.

New members are warmly welcomed.