Italian – brush up your Italian

Have you studied Italian for a few years? Do you need a chance to use it before you lose it? We are a relaxed and informal group conversing at a fairly simple level, with the aim of becoming more confident and fluent over time.

Festina Lente (Latin)

Our ‘self-help’ group is enjoying renewing our link with Latin and trying to compose passages here and there, with our varying levels of ability. If you are thinking of joining us you would need to be at about the same level as we are (Oxford Latin Course Book 2,or Cambridge Book 4)!

Parking available.


Carpe Diem (Latin)


Learn or renew your Latin.  This is a ‘self help’,  mixed ability group enjoying discovering this classical language and its relevance to many other languages.  You would need to be at the level we are – Cambridge Book IV.

Room for one or two more interested members.

German Conversation

Kaffeeklatsch.  Just come and talk in German about topical subjects over a cup of coffee.