Women talk women

A group for women to talk about historical and contemporary women who members find interesting, and would like to know more about. Individual members will suggest women to discuss and the group will find out about them and bring their thoughts and opinions to share. We will talk about women who have achieved something significant, or have been active in society, or have been famous, or have done something we find of interest. Some of the discussions will focus on topics/issues that particularly affect women in our society and the impact this can have on their lives.

Women in Society


Women in Society  seeks to explore, discuss and learn about the changes and challenges of the role of women within our various cultures and how history will view us – the 20/21st century woman.   We set our informal agenda for each meeting with an agreed subject or in response to a significant current situation. You need to be prepared to take part, be open, and have fun! If you’re interested, phone Cheryl on the number above.



Garden Visits

We follow an organised programme of garden visits throughout the year, starting with snowdrops for galanthophiles and ending with winter gardens.  Visits vary from historic gardens such as Ham House garden to modern gardens open under the NGS (National Garden Scheme).  Some of our members are very knowledgeable on plants and are very happy to share their knowledge with us, but the emphasis is on enjoying looking at gardens, rather than an expert analysis of  what we see.

We meet mainly on Mondays but weekends for NGS openings.


History – A Sideways Look 2


So successful had the long-running Sideways Look at History been, that in 2016 a second group was formed, looking at every aspect of history all over the globe c 1500 AD.  A particular feature of its first year was a term looking at various forms of international trade and its surprisingly powerful impact on politics and alliances between nations, the papacy and city states.  In 2021-22  we will cover the 12th and 13th centuries CE.  Think you know little about it?  Come along and find out how much there is to discover. Zoom has proved a very sociable medium and excellent for visual materials, therefore the group has voted to continue online.

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Christine Barnard.

History – A Sideways Look

This group looks ‘Sideways’ at history. We choose a particular period and examine what was happening at that period worldwide. We are currently covering the period 1850-1914 which will give us the opportunity of looking at European colonialism in Africa and Asia, the American civil war and its aftermath, industrialism, the rise of socialism and much besides. Although none of us are experts, we do expect all group members to participate in discussions and researching/presenting topics of their choice. Michael Johns leads the group. Access to the internet and email essential.


If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Michael Johns