Technology and Changing Times


How are rapidly evolving technologies affecting our lives, what are the latest developments, and what changes lie ahead?  We keep a communal watch for significant news in areas such as AI, robotics, genomics and Internet/social media and likely impacts on healthcare, the environment, trade, transport, jobs etc.

Additionally, there is a small group which meets face to face on a Friday morning, but this is currently at capacity due to the necessity to follow Covid advice.




Climate Change: Science and Society

This group will continue to explore how climate and scientific knowledge have shaped the world today and how a basic understanding of the sciences, particularly biology, medicine and geology can inform our everyday decisions.  We discuss a variety of themes from threats to world food and water supplies, GM crops and organic foods to renewables and London’s changing environment to items at the forefront of current news.  This naturally leads to the politics and ethics surrounding these and what we believe and why and what we don’t.  I will also talk about insights into our ever changing world from recent expeditions to other continents as well as different parts of Britain.  Other than natural curiosity, no background knowledge is needed for this group.  We have lively discussions where everyone participates.  In addition to the regular fortnightly sessions there may also be excursions.

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