The minutes of the recent AGM are now available here

This AGM was unique, in that members were unable to attend a live meeting, and for the very first time, the meeting was run using the Zoom technology. Similarly, the voting was conducted at the meeting using the Zoom poll technology, which is something which members may never have come across before. This was a learning process for all of us, and if attendees felt we had not got it right, they will have to be a little forgiving as this was an experience that was new to us, and none of the committee have run  an AGM this way before. It is also possible that some members did not experience the meeting fully because they may not have had the latest versions of Zoom uploaded to their devices, and there are such a variety of devices and operating systems, and local Internet connections vary so much that it was inevitable that we could not guarantee that the members would see identical screens.

December Festive Monthly Meeting announcement.
The Northern Line, September 2020