Out and About


This is a different type of group: it will probably appeal to people who are looking to meet, not solely during the weekdays, but possibly in the evening and also at weekends. The schedule could include visits of various kinds – to theatres, cinemas, art galleries, museums, sporting venues (this could be participatory or as spectators), it could include short stays in the country – or even abroad! But that is the point, it would be YOUR GROUP and you will collaboratively set the programme. So what are you waiting for ….

Garden Visits

We follow an organised programme of garden visits throughout the year, starting with snowdrops for galanthophiles and ending with winter gardens.  Visits vary from historic gardens such as Ham House garden to modern gardens open under the NGS (National Garden Scheme).  Some of our members are very knowledgeable on plants and are very happy to share their knowledge with us, but the emphasis is on enjoying looking at gardens, rather than an expert analysis of  what we see.

We meet mainly on Mondays but weekends for NGS openings.


Away Days

Waiting in the rain for the Time Ball to drop as it does daily at 1pm.

The Away Day team organises regular outings using public transport, to places of general interest.  Away Days is not a specific group which you have to join, but is open to all NLU3A members.  Visits are two, or more often, three per term and as details become available they will appear in The Northern Line and on the website, together with the required application forms.  We look forward to seeing you but please post your outing applications promptly as demand often exceeds supply.

Details of planned outings and application forms are at https://www.nlu3a.org.uk/future-events/awaydays/