MOTO – Members on Their Own

MOTO (Members on their own) is a social group for people who are on their own, for whatever reason. This Group is quite different from any of our other groups, in that it is up to the members to decide what activities they take up, when they meet, how often and where they meet, and all of these might be very variable. This is in acknowledgement of the fact that people living alone might well appreciate having events in the early evening or at weekends, which is not the case for the membership in general.
Events are hosted or led by members of the MOTO group.
If you would like to know more about this group, please contact Melvyn Rees whose details are shown at the top of this page.

Art We Like – Talking about pictures


We are a group of people who share their enjoyment of art. At each meeting we have a couple of presentations on art works from any time or place, which are then discussed by the group. No knowledge of art is necessary, just interest and the pleasure of discovery.


Drawing and Painting with an iPad

This is a friendly and informal group, hosted by 2 amateur enthusiasts.  We explore various painting/drawing apps  on our iPads, using our own choice of subject matter, such as vegetables/fruit/flowers, photographs, pictures, domestic objects etc. resulting in an absorbing and relaxing activity.

Joint co-ordinator is Anita Nielsen,

History of Art

Normally meeting fortnightly in the autumn and spring terms, with monthly visits in the summer term.  The subject we will be studying in 2019/2020 will be painting in the UK from British Impressionism to World War 2, with a focus on links with European Art Movements.