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This form allows you to renew either an individual membership or joint membership (two current members living together). Note that required fields are marked with an asterisk. Don’t forget to press send when it is completed.  Of course you also need to send payment, either by online banking or by cheque.

Any member in receipt of Pension Credit will be entitled to a concessionary rate: For further information please contact the Membership Secretary at in strictest confidence.

NOTE: For those paying by Internet Banking, your bank will check that you are really paying the business account: North London University of the Third Age.  Probably “N London U3A” will be accepted, but what is accepted by your bank may be different.


Individual £25, Joint £50
For full members of another u3a. Discount £5.50
Get a print copy of “The Northern Line” magazine every term for £6 per year.
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PLEASE NOTE The Membership Secretary will assume your email(s), postal address and Gift Aid status all remain unchanged. However if there have been changes in your contact details or your tax status since last year please let us know in this box.
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