Term Dates, Publication and Email Dates and Deadlines


Term dates are only guidelines and groups can start and finish, and include a half term break or not, whenever they wish within the term limits.

  Start date Finish date
Spring 4 January 2021 26 March 2021
Summer 12 April 2021 23 July 2021
Possible Summer Programme To be determined in the light of Covid-19 developments  
Autumn 6 September 2021 17 December 2021


Monthly emails: These will be sent out around the end of each month; copy to be sent to info@nlu3a.org.uk by 26th of each month.

The Northern Line: Three issues per year; please send copy to editor@nlu3a.org.uk

Issue Copy deadline Publication date
April issue 19 March 2021 25 April 2021
September issue 23 July 2021 27 August 2021
January issue 19 November 2021 3 January 2022